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bismillaahir Rahmanir Raheem

Welcome to Redstone Academy

A very warm welcome to Redstone Academy’s website. We hope you will find it informative and enjoyable to explore. We very much hope that our website will give you an insight of the high quality of education that your son/daughter will receive at Redstone.  As a quality academically orientated full-time school with a Muslim friendly environment, we provide a wonderful opportunity for your child. Ours is a school in which your child will learn and achieve skills, knowledge and values that will secure success for them at school and beyond. Our aim is to develop young people whose interest in life will be stimulated by exposure to a rich variety of traditional academic subjects such as literature, mathematics, sciences, history, languages, sports, arts and much more. Our students are extremely well disciplined, confident and compassionate with high ambitions to embark upon their future careers.

Ofsted Report 2012

“All teachers place a strong emphasis on developing speaking, listening, reading and writing in English and this is universally done well. The mathematics curriculum has a good focus on developing students’ capacity to think logically and to express and justify their ideas clearly. It results in students applying their learning well and solving complex problems with confidence. ICT is well provided for, both in discrete lessons and woven throughout the curriculum, to support learning in other subjects. There is a good balance between the secular subjects and Islamic and Arabic studies. The Islamic studies programme is carefully thought out and often outstandingly well taught. It gives the students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their faith and contributes well to their spiritual, moral and social development.” [FULL OFSTED 2012]

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Precedence given to applicants who have the ability to teach a secondary subject.

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